Month: October 2010

Grinder at Redwood Bar in downtown L.A. on Saturday, Nov. 6

Redwood Bar and Grill
The Redwood Bar and Grill

Howdy ya’ll!

We are performing Saturday, Nov 6 at the Redwood Grill in downtown LA at 9pm.

The place looks like Pirates of the Caribbean meets J.J. Gittes.  Could there be a better venue for Sausage Grinder?

Get there early to grab a seat, mai tai, and a burger!

Mando Matt
Award Winning Mandolinist/Schlub

Grinder in Goleta on Sunday

Be sure not to miss the Goleta Old Time Fiddlers’ Convention this Sunday. David and Chris will be teaching fiddle and banjo workshops and you can hear performances by our good friends Triple Chicken Foot, the Foghorn Trio, and  excellent blues guitar/mandolin guy Steve James.  Plus other performances, more workshops and of course the chance to win a prize playing the instrument of your choice.

The Grinder isn’t playing an official set this year, but we shouldn’t be too hard to find jamming and having a good time, so come to the festival and stop by to say hello. More info on the festival below.