February 24, 2014

Video from Portland Old-Time Gathering

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Thanks to Mark Burgin and the Portland Old-Time Gathering, you can see our January 17 show on YouTube. Yo, check it out!


January 4, 2014

Two new videos from the Tiki Parlour!

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David’s got all kinds of cool video equipment and we made two videos at his Old Time Tiki Parlour (aka his dining room) for your listening and viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


Hokum Blues:

Black Eye Blues:

September 11, 2013

Concert review of Santa Monica show

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We had a blast last Saturday at the Santa Monica History Museum playing a concert for Folkworks (thanks Leda and Steve!) to a sold-out crowd.

Check out this great review by Jonathan Shifflett on the Folkworks site! And here’s a video from the concert, too — you can find more on YouTube and we’ll share more here soon!

June 20, 2013

Banjo lesson: Oh Molly Dear

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Here’s the banjo tune Chris taught at the LA Old-Time Social — finally posted a lesson on YouTube on it! Hope everyone enjoys.


March 12, 2013

Sausage Grinder is back!

Sausage GrinderHello everybody! It’s been a while but after a not-so-brief hiatus, Sausage Grinder is back with more of our usual foolishness. We’ve been practicing away in the Old-Time Tiki Lounge and have some new tunes and a new lineup.┬áDavid Bragger and I (I being Chris Berry) are extremely pleased to have the lovely and talented Susan Platz join us on fiddle, washboard, banjo and vocals. We’ve been playing with Susan for a couple of years now and are thrilled that she is joining us.

We’ve got some new shows lined up, although we can only tell you about two of them right now. First is the 8th Ever Old-Time Social, which runs from May 16-18. David and I will be teaching fiddle and banjo workshops in the afternoon of Saturday the 18th and then Sausage Grinder will be playing a square dance along with the Hollywood Bollweevils, Jessie Milnes, Emily Miller and Friends and callers Susan Michaels and Amy Hofer. It’s a great time and we hope to see you there.

Then on Sunday, May 19, we’ll be playing from 3:30-4:30 at the Dance Barn at the Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Festival. This event needs no introduction — come out and jam, compete, what have you. Watch out for rattlesnakes and drink plenty of water.

If you’re wondering what happened to our Grinders Emeritus, Bobby and Margie moved far far away so Bobby can continue his genetic experiments, and Matt and Josh have moved on to play with Nick Bachman and Max Ward in King Baby — they’ll be playing Friday night at the Old-Time Social so be sure to go and check them out!

We’ll have some more gigs to announce very soon; until then here’s a little taste of Sausage Grinder 2.0. Enjoy!

September 26, 2011

It’s Goleta time again

Sausage Grinder will be playing a square dance at this year’s 40th Annual Old-Time Fiddlers’ Convention in Goleta, CA on Sunday, October 9. The festival starts at 10, the dance is around noon, and David and Chris will once again teach fiddle and banjo workshops later in the afternoon. And we’ll be hanging out and playing all day so come say hello.

This is one of the premier old-time events in Southern California (well, Southern-ish) – don’t miss it. There’s a great line up this year including Laurie Lewis, Eric and Suzy Thompson, Peter Feldmann and more, plus of course the contest. You can read more at the convention website or like their Facebook page.

Here’s some footage of the Grinder from last year jamming with Steve James, plus a bonus track of Chris on the contest stage with our friend Jennifer Fitzpatrick playing a little Memphis Minnie. See you there!

July 13, 2011

Happy birthday Mel Durham

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Mel Durham, 2003

Mel Durham, 2003

It occurred to me this evening that Mel Durham would have been 97 years old a few days ago if he were still around, so I thought I’d share one of his tunes with everybody.

If you don’t know who Mel is, he was a fiddler and bass player originally from Southern Illinois who lived in Southern California from after WWII until he died in 2008. He was a lot of fun to be around and play with and shared a lot of his music with a lot of people in the old-time community around here. You can read a lot more about him and see more pictures here.

This is a tune he called “Brush Creek,” and chances were good that if you were starting out in G, Mel would play this tune first. Somehow this tune got left off Mel’s “Skillet Fork” CD (which you can buy here) although I know it was recorded during those sessions. This version is from 2000 from a few recordings I made with Mel at his house in Lakewood on one of those little Tascam 4-track cassette recorders. Sound quality isn’t the best, and I think I just stuck the fiddle on one side of the mix and the guitar on the other when I transferred these onto my computer, but Mel’s in good form on this tune.


Brush Creek

June 21, 2011

Fiddle tunes from Jim Bowles

David taught these two fiddle tunes from Kentuckian Jim Bowles at the Los Angeles Old-Time Social last month. He plays the tunes up to speed and then gives ‘em to you slow with the bowing and a bunch of cool playing tips.

Christmas Eve — ADAE tuning — key of D

Kate’s Got a Wooden Leg — GDAE tuning — key of G

Find out about lessons from David on our contact page.

Read more about Bowles here.

Banjo lesson: Dock Boggs’ Danville Girl

Here’s a banjo lesson — a full 20 minutes, thanks YouTube — on Dock Boggs’ banjo song Danville Girl. I taught this at the Los Angeles Old-Time Social last month, which was a bunch of fun. Hope you enjoy!

December 20, 2010

A Christmas grind

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Here’s a little Christmas present from one member of Sausage Grinder — enjoy!

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