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Fiddle tunes from Jim Bowles

David taught these two fiddle tunes from Kentuckian Jim Bowles at the Los Angeles Old-Time Social last month. He plays the tunes up to speed and then gives ’em to you slow with the bowing and a bunch of cool playing tips.

Christmas Eve — ADAE tuning — key of D

Kate’s Got a Wooden Leg — GDAE tuning — key of G

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Read more about Bowles here.

Los Angeles old-time music scene on NPR

Here’s a great piece from NPR’s State of the Re:Union on the Los Angeles old-time music scene, featuring our friends Triple Chicken Foot and Susan Michaels (you can see some of the baldest members of Sausage Grinder in there if you watch closely). 

Some of the places where you can find out more about the LA old-time scene are http://oldtimeisagoodtime.com/, FolkWorks, and the California Traditional Music Society.