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First Old-Time Tiki Parlour DVD now available!

Old-Time Tiki Parlour DVD cover - Rafe and Clelia StefaniniVery exciting news —

Grinder David Bragger’s latest project, the Old-Time Tiki Parlour, is coming to fruition and the first DVD release is now available!

The Tiki Parlour project will be a series of DVDs featuring performances from some of the best in old-time music, with high quality video and sound. Take it from us they look and sound beautiful.

The first release features father-daughter duo Rafe and Clelia Stefanini and you can get a copy for only $18 at County Sales’ website.

More releases are coming soon (Dan Gellert will be the next one) and this project will only get more exciting as time goes on — do not miss this DVD!

Hello from Grinder Land

As Inspector Kemp said in Young Frankenstein, “A riot is an ugly thing. Und … I think it is just about time that we had one!”

Well, we feel the same about our Sausage Grinder web posts, so today we have some fiddle and banjo lessons for you, plus the news that our album Delicious Moments is on sale for only $9.99. We know you already have one, but with wedding season getting underway why not buy several for gifts? Who really needs a set of guest towels anyway?

We’ll have some news on some gigs coming your way soon. Meanwhile, why not enjoy this?